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Avanim Adventures…

was created out of a passion for facilitating enriching experiences for Jews in the wilderness.

At Avanim Adventures we get particular fulfillment out of giving people an opportunity to do something they've never done before and pushing themselves to a new edge, helping them find out out that they are more capable than they realized.

Avanim Adventures is not a concierge service. You will carry your own pack, set up your own tent, belay your friends and family on a rock climb, cook your own food, find your route, paddle your raft, and wash your own dishes. The role of your guide is to professionally manage risk, encourage you, support you and generally facilitate you having a wonderful and safe backcountry wilderness experience.

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Wilderness Trip

Summer 2019


Dates: Leaving June 17 - Returning June 20

Join other Jewish women along with author and speaker, Gila Manolson and your wilderness guide, Rivkah Goldberg on this backcountry wilderness trip of a lifetime. The perfect mixture of adventure, ruchnius, serenity, and physical challenge awaits you on this backpacking and whitewater rafting trip in the beautiful mountains of Colorado


By Jews. For Jews.


This is the stuff of dreams

- Nicki T.